Please note: Updating our much older game SD cards to autoboot normally with the latest public NextZXOS and Firmware.
Warning: Before following this procedure below we recommend that you backup the contents of your original Next game SD card first.

If you have one of our much older Physical SD game cards (i.e. Dungeonette or DeltaStar Earth Defence etc.) containing an outdated NextZXOS and Firmware distro, you may notice the SD card will longer autoboot correctly on your Next. This is due to an OS/Firmware mismatch between the older card and your Next usually.
In this instance you should download the HERE and be sure to carefully update your original SD card NextZXOS and Firmware files with the files contained in the .zip. We have NOT included an 'autoexec.bat 'file in the NextZXOS <dir> in order that you DO NOT overwrite the original supplied on your SD card which would otherwise prevent the SD card from autobooting the game as normal.

Please ensure you keep your Next updated regards NextZXOS and Firmware HERE to ensure correct operation and also benefit from the latest system features.

You can always contact us at the email at the foot of this page if you require further assistance.

Thank you.

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